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christophe garcia


Trained as a dancer, introduced to the arts of the theatre, singing and music, Christophe Garcia very quickly turned to the art of choreography. In 1996, he was admitted at the École-Atelier Rudra-Béjart and joined the Béjart Ballet Lausanne in 1998. Between France and Canada, he collaborated as a performer with several artistic figures and international organizations, such as Robert Lepage, Ex Machina, Robert Wilson, and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. In 2000, he created his first production, Alice, and decided to start his own company, la [parenthèse] in Marseille (France), and then in Montreal. Recipient of several international choreography awards, Christophe Garcia is regularly invited to create for repertory companies: Béjard Ballet, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Opéra-Théâtre d’Avignon, Ballet d’Europe, Danztaz Compania, Jeune Ballet du Québec, and Jeune Ballet de France, etc. Since 2015, he is an associate choreographer at the Pôle National Supérieur de Danse de Cannes-Mougins-Marseille (France). His approach to dance, in relation to text and music, also allows him to collaborate with lyrical, musical, or theatrical structures, such as Chorégie d’Orange, Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire, Compagnie Hautnah (Dijon), and Petit Théâtre de Sherbrooke (Québec).

la [parenthèse] / christophe garcia

The dance company La [parenthèse] / Christophe Garcia was founded in 2000 with the desire to tell stories and reveal people through dance, music and text, to create bridges between the arts, generations and continents. Small, intimate forms meet ambitious shows. The artists’ poetry and dynamism imbue the 25 productions that have made their mark in France and around the world with a common tone, always unifying, joyful and human.

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