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dominique porte


Established in Montreal since 1989, Dominique Porte pursues her work as a choreographer by challenging the limits of expression through the music of the body. She was first noticed as a virtuoso performer in Marie Chouinard’s company. Choreographers William Douglas, José Navas and Kim Itoh shaped her path. Imbued with an organic, animal, sensory approach and an architectural work in form, her own choreographic identity draws from her experience as a performer that her own choreographic identity. Fascinated by nature and human condition, Dominique Porte has explored, in her creations, themes related to communication, relationships with others, identity and the perception of the senses.


For the last ten years, as she noticed that certain modus operandi became obsolete, she has been questioning the notion of acquired virtuosity, which, as she matures, no longer appeal to her as it used to in her younger days. Returning to the solo form with JE, followed by Hors JE, she highlights and questions strategies for live creation and dance-making with humour and self-derision: to what extent is it possible to reinvent oneself? Considering that reinventing oneself is also linked to the audience, the choreographer will, for the first time, address the young audience through Jacques Prévert’s poetry and René Magritte’s drawing with the creation Conte de faits, in 2017. In 2019, Dominique Porte was awarded the Studio du Québec à Paris’ mid-career bursary, at the Cité Internationale des Arts where she spent 6 months. Alongside her career as a performer and choreographer, she has an interest in teaching and travel. An instructor at the Montreal Dance Department for over 20 years, she has taught in schools all over the world such as Theater Academy in Helsinki or the School of Attakalari Diploma in Bangalore.

système d/dominique porte

Dominique Porte’s style is as singular as it is bold. It reveals a precise and sensitive choreographic composition, with a unique rhythm. She develops a fluid yet angular movement that unveils poetic worlds and strong images. The company's work has been presented locally and internationally. By asserting her own style, “Système D” [a French expression: système débrouille, which could loosely be translated to resourcefulness], referring both to the initial of her first name as to the different systems she develops in her choreographic ideas, she demonstrates a creative, resourceful, inventive and flexible spirit. She became Artistic Director of her own company in 1999: Système D / Dominique Porte. Her surprising creative frenzy is combined with the talent of renowned collaborators and composers and the support of national and international co-producers.

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