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presenters medias

photos & videos

To obtain the presenters password, please contact

Mickaël Spinnhirny / / +1 (514) 833-9005

To receive the media password, please contact

Sheila Skaiem / / +1 (514) 572-8687

flexible project

In one evening, introduce four choreographic signatures performed by two virtuoso dancers to your audience! Contemporary dance meets classical and urban dance in a journey into the heart of movement.


Affordable, the show allows you to adjust the number of spectators in the theatre and comply with the instructions of the health authorities


We know it is difficult to commit in these turbulent times. Instead of negotiating a booking contract, we invite you to sign a pledge to present. Everyone benefits from a flexible schedule!

Technically simple, the set-up can be done quickly and the dismantling even quicker! Phew!

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