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on the matter of flowers

On the Matter of Flowers brings together six dance artists, choreographers and performers. On the Matter of Flowers merges six creative universes, each so different and complementary from the other, to create a unique, collective work while apart. On the Matter of Flowers is an unexpected, atypical, and challenging opportunity. It is also the chance to bring together the imaginations and visions of these creative minds in a choreographic work reflecting the love of dance that unites them.


Stifled in their artistic pursuits, four choreographers have come together to find a subterfuge to the lack of human contact: a duet created from afar with a pair of virtuoso performers. Four creative minds of choreographers, four artistic spirits and accomplices, who come together to explore, question and deepen their understanding of the notions of touch, intimacy and human contact. These dance composers come together in the physicality and excellence of their choreographic works, which they each express in their own unique way: Andrea Peña’s raw, rigorous, and visceral energy, Christophe Garcia’s intimate, sensitive, and vibrant choreographic writing, Ismaël Mouaraki’s physical, organic, and urban intensity, and Dominique Porte’s lyrical, whimsical, and intuitive signature.


On the Matter of Flowers is a tribute to dance performers, so abruptly cut off from what sustains and thrills them. Daphnée Laurendeau and Danny Morissette, a couple of artists and dancers, but also a couple in life, agreed to embark on the journey of this most unusual creative process. It is so rare to see two performers assimilating, in a single work, four distinct choreographic languages. It will be the first time the choreographers will be working with a couple, an incredible source of inspiration for them. On the Matter of Flowers explores the relationship of intimacy, love, human contact, and touch, a taboo in these troubled and troubling times, to release the senses and embrace freedom.

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